COSI Connects

COSI (Center of Science and Industry) has an amazing free mobile app for your phone.  Each Activity includes a short video then an activity with printable instructions. 

Try Birds Eye View for your preschooler, Maple Seeds for elementary and middle schoolers Or Owl & Mouse for the entire family to learn about Ornimegalony.

A Walk Through Dementia

An innovative app that allows users to experience what it might be like to live with dementia.


RoadReady logs teen driving practice during the Learner’s Permit phase. The app provides an easy, efficient way to ensure teens have enough experience behind the wheel in a variety of conditions before they begin to drive independently. RoadReady allows you to: log teen Learner’s Permit driving, track multiple drivers, track road type and weather conditions, export printable driving log, receive suggestions for safe driving and more. RoadReady is a component of The Parent’s Supervised Driving Program, recipient of the US Department of Transportation National Roadway Safety Award.